I am the mayor

A grand pattern rises above me

A symbol of freedom, a symbol of liberty.

I have done it.

All my education, all my work helping this city. I am the master of a growing world

A ruler of a land.

I am the mayor of New York City.

Against all odds a Jew has been elected mayor.

All I have to do is say the one oath and a whole world of riches has been opened up to me.

With the whole city looking at me I say;

“I solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States”


Evan B.

7th grade GCMS

National Poetry Month Contest Winner

Photograph, or How They Watch Me

Amanda Vincenti

They are sepia colored,
two little round jewels
I found their picture in the attic

I know they were blue
I know they looked like mine

I wonder how long they stayed awake behind the closed door
and if they saw pictures in the paint on the ceiling
It was dark in that room

I know they were frightened
I know they saw like mine do

I wonder if they squinted to follow the puppy along the beach
and how long they stared as the waves swirled
It was blue, like they were

I know they were joyful
I know they saw like mine do

National Poetry Month Update


Poetry Submission Form

Calling all young poets: Beginning April 1, 2016, submissions will be accepted for the West Caldwell Public Library’s “What I Almost Forgot” Poetry Contest to celebrate National Poetry Month. The Library is seeking poetry that follows the themes of faded history, family heritage, and the power the past can hold over the present. Applicants are welcome to submit to categories within Grades 7-9 or Grades 10-12. Winners of the contest will be published online by the library and receive public recognition for their work. A Poetry Slam will be hosted in their honor at the library in the month following.

You must be between the ages of 13 years – 19 years old and a resident of West Caldwell or Caldwell to submit. Submissions are accepted online by email at ya@westcaldwell.bccls.org or in person. Each submission must be accompanied by the submission form found here: http://bit.ly/1P1WL0G. More than one submission per a person is welcome. Please contact YA Librarian, Hannah Sweetser, at ya@westcaldwell.bccls.org for more information.


Tips and Tricks to Posting

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