Minutes for Teen Advisory Group Meeting – 2/20/2018

All updated Volunteer Activities are now on our SignUp Calendar! Click here to see the full view.

There were 6 members at this meeting. We opened the meeting by introducing everyone!

Program Ideas for June, July, August

  • Teen Teach Kids- reading with kids and do a craft with them
  • Record Dream Catchers
  • Karaoke Night- Suggested that we do a end of the summer open mic night at the cranes park.
  • Paint Night- I have Art Kid Academy coming to do sheet music watercolor. Maybe have a ‘Bad Paint Night’ for fun.
  • Makey Makey Dance Revolution- members mentioned that they did not know what a Makey Makey was so  an introduction of the product at the next meeting will help with ideas.
  • CD Scratch Art
  • Comic Book Club
  • Escape Room- would be during the year.
  • Movie Night- show musicals!
  • Trivia Night- Music theme. New vs Old music
  • Finish the Line with Song Lyrics
  • History of Songwriting lecture

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Maker’s Day on March 10- a few members mentioned that they would be able to come to volunteer for this event.
  • Chess Club- members mentioned that they would be interested in coming to Chess Club.
  • Would like to have Adopt-a-Bookshelf take place again
  •      Do we want to keep TAG meetings going through the summer (June, July, August)?

YES! Keep TAG year round.

  •      Is anyone interested in contributing to the library blog?

Members stated that they did not know we had a blog but would love to post stuff. I need to advertise the blog more. Members can post poetry, articles, pictures, book reviews, etc.

  •      Would filling out a concert ticket for book reviews and handing them in for raffle that week seem like fun?

Submitting online is easiest. Members liked the idea of having a gift basket each week and getting the chance to win through a raffle.

  •      Do you guys use audiobooks?

No. Streaming online. From now on, I will not order anymore audiobooks for the shelves. I will only order for Axis 360.

  •   Any book suggestions to order? Video games? Graphic Novels?

No suggestions.

  •      Bookmark contest?

Yes! We can split the contest based on grades. Members of TAG can vote on bookmarks. Prizes can include within the library, such as, waive a fine, extra week for check out, etc.

  •      Craft ideas for Teen Maker Monday:

No suggestions.

We discussed starting a book club at the library. We decided to start the book club on April 25th at 6pm. The theme for this book club will be Mystery and members will bring their suggested title. We ended the meeting by eating some pizza and discussing the date for upcoming programs. Flyers of upcoming events were passed out.


Teen Advisory Group 09.20.17

All updated Volunteer Activities are now on our SignUp Calendar! Click here to see the full view.


Hannah L. started the meeting with introductions and the project for the night, examples for the DIY Haunted House Contest. Each TAG member decided to make their own example Haunted House and submit them as early entries to the contest.

Old Volunteer Activities:

Volunteer activities already in place are the following:

  • Future TAG Meetings
  • Chess Club on 10/16, 11/13, 12/12
  • Linda’s Maker Programs every other Friday

New Volunteer Activities:

The attending members voted on which volunteer activities to host in the fall and each task’s frequency. Each decision was a unanimous vote.

  • Craft Prep Mondays
    • This is to occur every two weeks from 4-5PM.
  • Teens Teach Kids Tuesdays
    • To occur once a week.
    • This was changed from Fridays to Tuesdays.
    • The time was changed to 3:15-4:00PM because elementary schools do not get out until 3PM.
    • Hannah L. is to send out notifications to volunteers if no children have registered.
  • Adopt-a-Shelf Thursdays
    • This is to occur once a month from 3-6PM.
    • Volunteers must be trained to do this activity.

Outside Updates:

TAG Members informed Hannah L. that the most inconvenient times for programs and volunteer activities are Wednesdays and Fridays. When talking about social media, they said that the most popular apps are Instagram and Snapchat, with Twitter being popular in minor areas and minor Tumblr usage. There was some discussion on if cyber-bullying was still an issue online with the different apps and all agreed it happens on occasion still.

For advertising, all attending agreed that they primarily find out about programs and clubs through flyers at school. Members also said that they think it would be cool if the library partnered with the local volunteering clubs at high school. Hannah L. asked what some of the reasons for certain clubs’ popularity and most said it was the annual trips and incentives that different clubs had.

Members said that one of their favorite things that they’d like to see in the library would be more movie nights and casual ways to hang out with their friends. Holidays are a big incentive for social activities.

Library Updates:

Hannah L. shared some of the upcoming fall programs. She gave out flyers for the upcoming Halloween program, the after-hours library scavenger hunt Ghost Hunters.

Due to questions about volunteer tasks that could be put on a resume, the librarian will now assist with consultations about resume creation. Many of the volunteer tasks at the library, if done regularly, can be considered work background on a resume.


Hannah L. thanked everyone for attending. She informed them that the minutes would be posted and their haunted houses would be shared on Instagram. The group cleaned up after their projects were completed and signed out.


TAG Updates: July

Next Meeting: TAG Summer Party on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 form 6:30-7:30PM
Goals: FUN

This last Wednesday, July 27, 2016, we started the Teen Advisory Group Meeting at 6:30PM. Over 10 volunteers were in attendance. We completed surveys for the fall program line-up. Hannah brought up a a possible game-lending service that works only on PC and Android, but it was shot down by the survey results.

The Super Smash Bros. Tournament was approved and will occur on August 17. Fall volunteer opportunities will include Teens Teach Kids and technology training at Crane’s Mill.

Big news: Hannah is looking into purchasing Augmented Reality services for the library via the Zappar App! This means we will be able to link resources to an image that can be scanned with the Zappar App, post video reviews directly on a book, and link books to other books just like it.

We filmed a video for the AR. Check out the librarian’s samples below!

Survey Results:

Best Days and Times for Events:

  • Weekdays from 6:30-7:30PM (Wednesday best)
  • Saturday afternoons.

Most Popular September Events:

  • Nerd Night on Wednesday, September 21
  • Coding Club
  • Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony

Most Popular October Events:

  • Tim Burton Movie Night
  • Pokemon/Digimon Binge Day
  • Cosplay Workshop
  • Fantasy Author Visit

Most Popular November Events:

  • Write Nights
  • International Games Day
  • Short Story Competition

Most Popular December Events:

  • Paint the Night
  • DIY Day
  • Star Wars Movie Night

Most Popular January Event:

  • Caldwells Teen Culture Con


Next Meeting: June 29, 2016 from 6:30-7:30PM
Goals: Bookface Instagram challenge, Snapchat starter, updates on furniture, Summer Reading Design Challenge, painting prep

See What’s Happening for Summer Here: Summer Events

This last Wednesday, May 25, 2016, we started the Teen Advisory Group Meeting at 6:30PM. Over 11 volunteers were in attendance. We passed out surveys and Summer Reading Information. Hannah gave updates on the new YA computers (Raspberry Pi 3 with Linux software), furniture (which we completed a survey for), and the results of Mrs. Lincoln’s class projects. We had a representative from Mrs. Lincoln’s class give a brief overview of the project that we chose, starting a Youth Friends of the Library Group to fundraise for programs and renovations.

Surveys were completed and the volunteers finished making the Life-Size Monopoly Board Game for the summer. We chose what would be included in the Summer Reading Prize Baskets. Then we broke for free time, played Superfight and watched clips from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Survey Results:

Decorations for the YA Area
image (1)
Furniture for the YA Area
image (2)
Future Maker and STEM Programs

Teen Advisory Group Meeting Minutes: April

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 25 from 6:30-7:30pm


OMG, What Just Happened

We approved Summer Reading ideas. We cut out awesome Cinco de Mayo take-home crafts for the local kids. We talked advertising. We talked volunteering. We played Pictionary.

Nothing to Do

Summer Reading Challenge

Read 5 books in 5 weeks to be entered to win REALLY PRETTY BASKETS full of free stuff, including movie tickets, DVDs, Video Games, and vouchers for free food from local restaurants. And possibly a FitBit. Double-check with me on that.

Summer Reading Activities

Kick-Off Lock-In: June 30 from 8-10pm
An epic scavenger hunt, library olympics, and minute-to-win-it Banned Olympic Games. Grades 6+

From Fiction to Flavor: Begins July 6. Every Wednesday from 4-5pm.
Read a book a week and make food from the book. What could go wrong? Grades 7-12

Smash-Makers: Begins July 8. Every Friday from 4-5pm.
Make something new every week, from SMASHbooks to radios to live-action Apps. Grades 7-12

Throwback Thursday Movie Night: TBA
We just came up with this idea. Message me on Remind for details. Ages 13 and up.

Books for Brains: Begins July 7. Every Thursday from 3-4pm.
Read a book a week and build something really, really awesome. Like robots. Or ant farms. Grades 4-6

Summer Reading Volunteering

Teens Teach Kids
Training days are May 13 from 4-5pm, May 20 from 4-5pm, and May 27 from 2-3pm. Email me at ya@westcaldwell.bccls.org to register your day.
Program begins June 10 from 3-4pm. Teach kids in grades K-3 to read and write. This will meet every week on a Friday throughout the summer.

Teen Advisory Group
NEW RULE: You must be part of Teen Advisory Group to volunteer this summer. Deadline for Volunteer Applications is June 30. Complete Your Application Here.


Teen Advisory Group Meeting Minutes: March

This month, we had TWO Teen Advisory Group Meetings: a special event meeting on Wednesday, March 9 from 6:00PM – 7:30PM and our regular meeting Tuesday, March 15 from 6:30PM – 7:30PM.

On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, we met early to catch up on what has been going on at the library and do a littleBits training session. Nearing 7:00 PM, we went over who would attend the Board of Trustees meeting and some of what we would say.

Special notice is given to the four volunteers who stayed for the meeting and brought up the issue of the teen space to the Board of Trustees. Thanks to their attendance, the Board confirmed that in the next several years, the Borough Hall will be moving and leave the entire current building for the library to grow. The Board also confirmed a direct line of action to improve the current teen area, which includes providing computers and eliminating shelving to create a sitting area in that space.

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, we had four new TAG members join! We started work on the life-sized Monopoly game, and ended by modifying littleBits creations and making a Water Piano out of a Makey-Makey and Scratch programming language.

It is thanks to these volunteers who followed up with assisting on March 19th that we were able to host NJ Makers’ Day in spite of our head coordinator’s recent illness. You guys rocked!

Upcoming Events:

All April:
National Poetry Month Contest
Find out more here

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
5:30PM – 7:30PM
High School Musical Movie and Trivia Night

Saturday, April 9, 2016
2:00PM – 3:30PM
PrankShop for grades 8-12

Thursday, April 14, 2016
6:30PM – 7:30PM
Doctor Who Night

Friday, April 15, 2016
12:00PM – 3:00PM
Pancake Bake with a 1:00PM showing of “Brooklyn”

Next Teen Advisory Group Meeting:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
6:30PM – 7:30PM
We will be judging the National Poetry Month Entries at this time and approving Summer Events.


Teen Advisory Group Meeting Minutes: 2/16/16


Due to the director’s invitation to attend the March 9, 2016 Board Meeting at 7:00PM, we will now have an early TAG Meeting that day at 6:00PM. Please RSVP if you can attend! The March 15 date still stands, as we have prep to do for our Life-Size Monopoly Game.

Back to Regular Scheduled Programming…

Our second TAG meeting started with quick re-introductions and some new items. There are now three different ways you can earn volunteer hours:

  1. You can attend TAG Meetings. This will give you 1 hour a month.
  2. You can take home a copy of a review journal and pick out which books you want the library to buy. This will give you 2 volunteer hours.
  3. You can post a book/movie/video game review here on the website. This will give you 30 minutes per a post.

There is a special event series coming up in March pairing Teen Tech Week with NJ Makers’ Day. It is…

Drum roll, please?

Teen Tech Week

What are littleBits? Robot parts, simple circuits, boom-box bits, you name it. You can see an example of it powering a robot on the WCPL’s Facebook page.

The training is for anyone interested in the tech. The littleBits Factory program is for volunteers who attended the training program to show off their skills. In order to receive volunteer hours for March 19, you must attend the training session on March 10.

Please contact me at ya@westcaldwell.bccls.org if you need a second option for training.

We discussed future changes in the YA section of the library. See below for an unofficial “Best Case Scenario” below. The white circles are dry-erase tables and the blue-wave rectangle is an area rug.


More recent updates include the addition of the table, a soon-to-be-added bulletin board, and the painting of the far-right corner wall with blackboard paint. We will be checking the port to see if computers can be added next!

We finished by going over the positives and negatives of the more recent Deadpool program and how we can increase our advertising to the high school. We also went over the new Books and Battles program starting in March.

Talk to me if you want a character specially made for you!

Next TAG Meeting will be Tuesday, March 15, 2016 from 6:30PM-7:30PM.


Teen Advisory Group Meeting Minutes: 1/28/16

We kicked off the Teen Advisory Group meeting on Wednesday, 1/28/16 with food and introductions. The following people were present:

  • Sophie
  • Hunter
  • Tiffany
  • Kaitlyn
  • Olivia
  • Vincent
  • Jordan
  • Hannah

The new Teen Librarian, Hannah, showed off an epic failure of an attempted Valentine’s Decoration, passed out the Teen Volunteer Survey to be completed, and proceeded to introduce the upcoming programs for the month of February. They include the following:

  • Anti-Valentine’s Day Chocolate Madness with a Deadpool theme on Friday, February 12, 2016, from 4pm-6pm
  • Time Trouble Trivia Challenge with a Doctor Who theme on Saturday, February 20, 2016, from 2pm-4pm with Doctor Who games and snacks and time-travel themed trivia questions.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day program was approved. Recommendations on the chocolate to be eaten were taken. The Trivia program was approved, but with some complaint of it being on a Saturday.

Hannah then introduced the program ideas for the upcoming few months.

Upcoming Programs for Teens:

  • March 3: College Prep Workshop (6:30-7:30pm, Meeting Room)
  • March 10: Apocalypse Prep (4-5pm, Meeting Room)
  • March 12: ACT practice (10am-2pm, Meeting Room)
  • March 15: Teen Advisory Group (6:30-7:30pm, Meeting Room)
  • March 19: Upcycle Craft (2-4pm, Main Space)
  • Month of April: Poetry Contest, 2 sections (Grades 5-8 and Grades 9-12)
  • Weekly Wednesday Night Open Class: Write Night (6-8pm, Main Space)
  • April 5: High School Musical Movie Night and Trivia (5:30-7:30pm, Meeting Room)
  • April 9: PrankShop (2-4pm, Main Space)
  • April 14: Pancake Bake (12pm-1pm, Meeting Room)
  • April 19: Teen Advisory Group (6:30-7:30pm, Meeting Room)
  • April 30: NSAT Practice Test (10am-2pm, Meeting Room)
  • May 7: Zentopia (10am-12pm, Meeting Room)
  • May 17: Teen Advisory Group (6:30-7:30pm, Meeting Room)
  • May 21: NSAT Practice Test (10am-2pm, Meeting Room)
  • May 30: Let’s Go Fly a Kite, kite-building activity (12pm-2pm)
  • Month of June: Teens Teach Kids Program on Fridays (3-4pm, Main Space)
  • June 4: ACT Practice Test (10am-2pm, Meeting Room)
  • June 13-15: Study Nights (Meeting Room)
  • June 21: Teen Advisory Group (6:30-7:30pm, Meeting Room)

It was decided that the High School Musical Movie Night and Trivia would be limited to grades 7 and up. The Upcycle Craft would have prizes awarded to the most “creative” final product. The Kite-Building activity would be limited to grades 5-9. There was some back and forth about the timing of the PrankShop activity, but since most people who are involved in the Musical would not be able to attend anything prior to April 5th, it stayed the same. The Apocalypse Prep night would include activities from The 5th Wave.

New ideas brought to the table were the possibility of having an Anti-Prom Netflix Night in May, a Poetry Slam in April, and a Summer Reading Kick-off Lock-In with attached Scavenger Hunt, Bad Karaoke Contest, and Bad Movie Night. There was also some interest in the Teens Teach Kids program starting in June and the possibility of having “mini-events” every other week that would involve some drop-in activity. Ideas for this are TBA.

We then discussed the changes to be made to the current Teen Area. Next month, Hannah will bring image designs to be approved and we will work on a presentation to share with the Board of Trustees in May or June.

In general, it was a hilarious night and we ended by making a CubeCraft.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 16, 2016 from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

And there will be Stop & Shop popcorn and water bottles!


Volunteer Interest Form

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